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Dreamtree Banjos

3/66 Wentworth Park Rd, Glebe NSW, Australia

Banjo Lessons

  • Qualifications: Played 5-string banjo for 48 years. Taught for the last 7 years at Gladesville Guitar Factor School. Countless student testimonials!
  • Pricing: $60 per 1 hour lessons purchased in advance in blocks of 5 lessons
  • Styles: 3-finger Bluegrass and Two-Finger easy-to-learn "Pick-Hammer" style
  • Suitability: ages 15 to 100 primarily beginner to intermediate, some advanced


I have been playing banjo seriously since 1970. My father played in a banjo band in Tennessee, USA decades before me so I come from a long tradition. More recently I was the banjo instructor at Gladesville Guitar Factory School for 7 years before I started delivering private lessons to banjo enthusiasts. My greatest joy is seeing the look in the eyes of a student who really gets it and has that fist in the air moment and builds on the confidence of a strong win in the beginning. The sky is the limit and I praise every slightest upward step in the banjo learning journey…I NEVER criticise or make little of anyone’s abilities and together we build confidence which results in competence. Banjo is not an easy instrument to learn in the beginning, especially picked styles such as 3-finger bluegrass so a patient coach is essential. I am that coach: patient and full of praise. I also created my own easy-to-learn two-finger style called “Pick-Hammer” which you can view on along with sound tracks both acoustic and electric. Dreamtree Banjos Studio was founded in 2001 with the purpose to show every aspiring banjo player how to play easily and bring delight to the eyes of others. Let’s play!

Teaching Info

Expect lots of fun and pleasure learning to do what you want to do: the BASICS of banjo playing. I teach both three-finger Bluegrass Style and my own two-finger “Pick-Hammer” style which can get you playing your first tune quickly. Expect to be validated and not scorned for your efforts. Follow my lead and you will be playing quickly if you are brand new. If you are already playing I can coach you to better techniques and tips on playing. Whatever level you are we can work together to make it all happen in a positive environment where the focus is on your own upward journey to competent and pleasurable playing.

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