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Beth Spragg

Beth Spragg

Croydon Park NSW, Australia

Singing Lessons

  • Suitability: Children and teens, all voice types


Beth has been singing ever since she was little. She has had over 16 years of singing instruction in a wide range of genres (e.g. Classical, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Jazz, Folk, Pop, Soul) and is in 5th year of a Bachelor of Music (Honours)/Education at UNSW. She has participated in many choirs and continues to be involved in ensembles. Beth is also a Tutor with the Australian Girls Choir.

Teaching Info

Beth’s teaching style is catered to the individual, dependent on their goals, experience, interest and current ability. Beth seeks to make lessons fun and engaging, where students can discover their own voice and expand upon their passion for singing.

Beth also finds it important for her students to understand vocal anatomy in order to build healthy vocal techniques and tone development. Beth’s lessons involve ear training, harmony singing, phrasing, rhythmic skills and improvisation.

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