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Creative Guitar School

56A Raglan Street, Waterloo NSW, Australia

Guitar Lessons | Artist development, Aural Lessons, Ensemble Coaching, Song Writing Workshops, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, HSC Music Exam Preparation, Skype Lessons, Online Lessons

  • Qualifications: Masters of Music Education
  • Pricing: From $315 - 10 week group course.
  • Styles: Jazz, Blues, Latin, Flamenco
  • Suitability: Adult Group Learning. A Contemporary Structured Curriculum of 6 levels


Play the music you love, the way you like

The Creative Guitar School serves adult guitarists by providing them with the highest quality education available in contemporary music styles as rock, pop, jazz and blues.

At the CGS you will tap into your creative skills to play the music you love the way it makes you feel good. You will definitely enjoy the journey if you love to improvise and compose your own music.

Are you ready to start learning

Book a free 30 minute assessment; discover your guitar skills and the most adequate Guitar Course for you.

Feel – Imagine – Create

I have designed the courses to help you achieve your goals, reinventing the how to learn to make sure you feel the new skills and apply them creatively in your recordings.

Hear and Play 

No more tabs no more scores, learn all musical concepts aurally, enjoy them, feel them and as a consequence you will memorise music with ease.

Learn as a Group  

Study in groups of 4 members, 1 hour per week with your dedicated teacher. Interact on a daily basis to complete recorded assignments

Music Improvisation

From Beginners to Advanced levels, you will develop your improvisational skills, so as to never run out of ideas in your playing.

Your final goal is to play the guitar in contemporary styles of music,  but creating artistic expression as a soloist, accompanist and composer. Therefore the more levels you complete of your Sydney Guitar lessons the more diversified your artistic



Are you ready to start learning

Book a free 30 minute assessment; discover your guitar skills and the most adequate Guitar Course for you.

Thomas Lorenzo

I am excited to share with you my knowledge and experience. I am a recording artist with over 35 albums, a Berklee College of Music Graduate, teacher,  composer and author of the leading arranging and orchestration text book:  El Arreglo Un Puzzle de Expresión Musical.

I have dedicated my life to express creativity thus exploring my full potential as a musician and guitarist. I wish to share with you a practical pathway to achieve your goals that simplifies the learning process by focusing on the final self expression which is what music is all about.

I want you to enjoy what and how you learn, so you can spend the rest of your life immersed in music, as a pathway to feel good about yourself and others

Teaching Info

Guitar Courses in Sydney 

# 1 Basics

Your first step is to acquire a solid foundation on how to play the songs you love( Ed Sheeran, James Brown, Clapton, etc) in a group format.

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#2 Hear & Play

The objective: Hear a song you love  (simple of course), figure out the chords and melody on your own and play it with your group.

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#3 Styles / Improvisation

Start improvising in Jazz, Funk, Flamenco and Blues styles. This is where the fun really starts happening !

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4 Advanced Improvisation

You will soon need to play MORE and more. Learn more improvisation techniques to make all your songs grow even more in Jazz, Blues, Flamenco and any contemporary style.

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For online guitar courses please visit the Creative Guitar Academy.

This is my second year learning with guitar with Thomas. I find the lessons challenging and rewarding and the Lessons are pitched just right so I’m practicing more than I ever have in my life with an instrument. Thomas uses a systematic approach of teaching, where I have learnt by hearing and knowing in the body so it Learning becomes automatic. With practical applications for breaking down a song & playing in time, this has helped me when I play with others and for songwriting. Lots of online material to work from and reinforce learning from lessons. Learning in a small group is also great because you learn from watching Thomas teach the other person, so no time is wasted. And we kept learning on zoom when required, which again worked way better than I could have imagined.

Shelley Vdw

Highly recommended! Thomas is a experienced guitar teacher, professional musician and has real passion for guitar teaching. His course is very organized and effective. He inspired students in a way that others don’t and guide students to create their own music. He also organizes concerts for students so that they can all get on the stage and enjoy playing music no matter what level they’re at. I’ve been learning with him for 1 year and I can see how much I’ve improved already! !

Yahui Tang

Thomas is an incredible experienced guitar professor and also a talented guitarist artist. He is highly qualified, methodical and professional. With his patience and well developed technique, he can help you find other dimensions of the guitar and music regardless your level. Taking lessons with him is helping me to consolidate the instrument foundations while I enjoy playing different styles such as flamenco, rock or blues.

Maurice Loillet
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