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Julien Music

Julien Music

9 Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia

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Guitar Lessons | Drum Lessons, Piano Lessons, Percussion Lessons | Aural Lessons, Theory Lessons

  • Qualifications: 7 Years Performing Musician. Studied Jazz and Blues Guitar and Music Theory in University
  • Pricing: $40 / Hour
  • Styles: Rock, Pop, Blues, Basic Jazz, West African Rhythm, Modern Djembe, Basic Indian Classical Singing
  • Suitability: Beginner to Intermediate


My name is Julien and music is my passion. I play and teach djembe, guitar,  piano and basic singing. I’m good with children and beginners. My goal is to help people hear and express the music that’s inside of them and I encourage creativity from the beginning, with theory and technique in service of producing a feeling. For me music is about community, emotion, and joy. I understand and teach music as a language of rhythm, melody, harmony and dynamics. I studied jazz and blues guitar and music theory at Emory University in the US, where I played bass in a rock band. Most recently I’ve been studying Djembe, west African rhythm, with Catur Hari Wijaya, and Indian Classical singing, with Tahir Qawwal. I’ve had some really good teachers over the years that have shown me the magic of music and taught in such a way that I felt inspired to learn and practice, and I want to do the same for other aspiring musicians.

Teaching Info

Learning music as an emotional language of rhythm, melody, harmony and dynamics in a way that prioritizes creativity and expression. No rush, no competition, no perfectionism. Theory and technique in service of creating a feeling and enjoying the music, whatever style it is. Learning to play and improvise with other people. An emphasis on developing feel and your ear, so you can play what you hear and hear what you play. Everyone is different so I will teach and give exercises in a way suited personally for your goals, style and personality. I am good with children and make lessons engaging and fun so they actually want to practice. The same applies for adults.

For the Djembe learning hand independence, rhythmic phrasing and creativity, accompaniment and west African rhythms, solo phrases, and my limited (but still good) understanding of the language of rhythm. Which goes deep…

For guitar learning chords, scales, strumming and soloing techniques and approaches. Improvisation, technique and theory in the context of music you love. Depending on what you like I can play and teach rhythm and lead blues, rock, pop, basic jazz, and fingerstyle guitar. Basic songwriting. Playing by ear.

For piano it’s similar – chords, scales, articulation. Pop, rock, blues, ambient/new-classical, basic jazz. I can’t read sheet music very well but can teach about playing by ear, and developing your improvisational creativity, and with that your ability to compose and express the music that is inside you. I think the way I teach piano is a good foundation for understanding music better on any instrument, as a language of rhythm, melody, harmony and dynamics. It’s good for someone who wants to learn music theory but doesn’t want to sit in a university classroom for hours.

Singing I’m still learning myself but we can and will definitely sing together, even just while improvising to connect to the notes on the instrument and develop our ears. I know enough to help you open your voice with proper technique, expand your range and improve your tone. It just takes time and practice.

I wont be offended at all if we start lessons and you want to stop for any reason. I say that because in the past I kept doing lessons for things I didn’t want to learn in order to please the teacher…In summary I will do my best to help you grow as a musician, and through that as a person, in the way that is best suited for you.

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