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Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Sydney

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Sydney

The Hills District, NSW, Australia

will travel to you please enquire.

Guitar Lessons | Song Writing Workshops, Composition Lessons, HSC Music Exam Preparation, Skype Lessons

  • Qualifications: 15 Years of Playing/Teaching Experience, 1st in Music HSC 2015 @ Carlingford High School, Guitar Workshop Plus 2017 Alumni (Toronto, Canada)
  • Pricing: Starting at $50/hr (Prices vary according to travel distance)
  • Styles: Modern Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar, Blues, Rock, Pop, Songwriting/Song-arranging, Instrumental
  • Suitability: All ages and levels


Stuck in a rut with your playing? Want to try percussive fingerstyle guitar? Don’t know where to begin? Need help with your technique? could this monologue be cheesier?

Brian Zhang is a musician that belongs to a small, but booming scene of “modern fingerstyle guitarists” around the world. Essentially, modern fingerstyle guitar is the amalgamation of traditional acoustic fingerpicking techniques from the likes of with new age, modern day contemporary techniques such as slapping, tapping, altered/open tunings, and hitting the body of the guitar to create different percussive sounds. With the fundamental principles, being trying to make as much noise as you can, all these techniques are blended in together to create all elements of a song (bass, melody, rhythm, drums) into the one solo arrangement or composition.

Having spent the last 8 years learning and studying with some of Fingerstyle Guitar’s most influential players including Don Ross, Mike Dawes, Andy McKee, Maneli Jamal, Calum Graham, Antoine Dufour and of course Australia’s very own Tommy Emmanuel, “Fingerstyle Guitar” has Brian to adopt a holistic approach to learning music which in turn gives me the flexibility and versatility of adapting to all elements and genres of music whether it’d be blues, jazz, rock, pop, classical, funk or RnB.

Whether you are looking to improve your technique, expand on your current repertoire, go in a new direction with your playing, or even if you’re just starting out and wanting to work out what you want to focus on, “Fingerstyle Guitar” will completely change the way that you not only view how the guitar is played, but your entire perspective on music.

Brian’s love and passion for music, along with his uncomplicated, simple but efficient teaching style will de-mystify anything you are struggling with. Particular areas of specialism include modern fingerstyle acoustic guitar, blues, pop, rock, songwriting/composition, live performance and arranging for solo guitar. In addition, he can help you with any areas of music theory that aren’t clear.

Regardless of your age, gender, cultural background, tastes in music, or level of experience, Brian’s goal is to guide you along as you embark on your musical journey and help you become not just the best guitarist you can be, but also the best musician you can be.

Whether you aspire to become the next big thing, or if learning the guitar has been a life long resolution of yours that you do not want to put off any longer, all Brian wants to see from you is commitment, passion, determination and vision, but most importantly, enjoyment and fun!

Teaching Info

In my lessons, I will be covering topics such as:

– How to read chord charts, tabulatures and traditional notation

– Left and Right hand positioning

– Strumming techniques

– Fingerstyle Techniques

– Extended Techniques (e.g. harmonics, thumb independence, tapping, slapping & percussion)

– Improving sense of rhythm, groove, dynamics, and musical expression.

– Developing creativity

– Learning by ear

– Music Theory in a Practical Sense

and how to incorporate all this into an original composition or original arrangement, plus answering any questions in regards to my own playing styles or gear.

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